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Welcome! My name is Phillip Fuller and this is one of my sites. I am an audio/media professional and technology enthusiast. This site is a place for me to share my day-to-day knowledge with anyone who cares to listen.

Over the past 31 years, I have had the pleasure of working both freelance and on staff for many of the top audio & postproduction studios in New York City. These include Power Station Studios, and Sound One. Currently, I am VP of Audio Engineering for Postworks, a large postproduction facility here in Manhattan. I have a vast knowledge of all film, television, and music production techniques including all of the technical specifications that are involved in delivering a finished product for film and television

Over the years, I have also been involved in electronics manufacturing & installation. In fact, all through my time at college, I supported myself by being a freelance systems engineer. During this time, I built a number of studios and theme park rides including Sound Deluxe Florida, and Universal Studios.

In 1991, I achieved one of my dreams of being an engineer at the legendary Power Station recording studios. During this time, I had daily involvement on many great recording projects. During my time at Power Station, I was also in charge of the entire system integration of Power Station New England, an exact replica of Studio A built in Waterford Connecticut. This is also where I met my friend Tony Bongiovi and started a professional relationship that still continues today.

Then in 1996, I started my own company, Fulwave Audio Services, building & servicing the studios & mix engineers in the NYC tri-state area. This is also where my alias of being known in the cyber world as Fulwave began. In 1998, I expanded my responsibilities by becoming a digital systems integrator for AMS/Neve, a large audio systems manufacture based in the UK.

Through my work at AMS/Neve, I happened upon the next great segment of my career, audio postproduction for film and television. From 1999 until 2007, I worked for Todd-AO / Sound One as a systems engineer. Over this time, I had the privilege of working with many great mixers, directors, supervisors, editors, & engineers. In late 2007, I was approached by Postworks to become their Chief Sound Engineer and to help their facility & brand grow. I accepted and still continue this job today.

But as always, I continue to have my other interests. One of those interests is being VP of Engineering and Technology for Bongiovi Acoustics. One of our many B.A. projects is to bring "Studio Quality Sound" to the end consumer through the use of DSP, digital signal processing, in a product we call DPS, Digital Power Station. We currently have a number of consumer electronics & software products on the market by manufactures like iHome and Toyota.

Then we get to my final interest, or one could even say initiative, with technology and the reason for this site. I want everyone to understand and use technology in his or her life to the fullest extent without burdening the individual with needing tons of knowledge or money. I feel most technology gurus and sales people in the world always push the biggest, newest, and most expensive products onto their customers without knowing if that fits their clients lifestyle, needs, or financial means. I would like to help to correct this so that an individual gets exactly what s/he wants and needs by understanding the individual. Then, with all of this background in technology, be able to design or specify a product or system to meet the end users needs. It is this initiative that I strive to achieve in my professional career & personal life whether I am designing a facility, a product, or just helping a friend. It is also the reason for this site.